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NCASE Newsletter in Ninth Year of Publication

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How quickly time flies! We are well into our ninth year of publishing the NCASE newsletter and our reach continues to grow. It seems only yesterday that the first issue appeared in November of 2012 featuring an article on the FAA receiving that year’s Mervin K. Strickler Award. The very next issue featured the NCASE Annual Meeting held in early December in Rosslyn, Virginia.


I hope you have seen positive changes and improvements. Especially in the last couple of years as Jenine Johnson has taken over the reins of laying out each monthly issue. We’re pleased to have someone with her talent and flare for design on board to help us out.


Another development we’re excited to talk about is the quarterly online magazine, AVED Magazine. Through the AvEd Magazine we will be able to provide greater depth in our articles and include more photos as we inform our readers about the work NCASE members are engaged in as well as other industry events. This will be a terrific format to showcase the many programs and events taking place around the globe and the impact they are making on aviation and aerospace education. We've published a few trial issues as examples in the past and are actively preparing to officially post the first issue later this year. 


One of the greatest privileges I have in my work with NCASE is to work side by side with so many talented and passionate people in our industry. I am truly blessed to have gotten to know so many who have given so much and continue to do so for the cause of introducing young people to exciting and challenging careers in aviation and space. The work that all of you are engaged in are opening doors to many possibilities and are encouraging young people of all ages to dream big.  


Even during the pandemic, many adapted and continued to engage students virtually. It gave us the chance to re-think, re-tool and respond to the needs of the industry. I’m looking forward to the rest of this year and know that with the continued engagement of NCASE members and supporters, we will make continued progress in making this a more accessible and rewarding industry. 


Kim Stevens is the Director of Communications and Operations for the National Association of State Aviation Officials and the NCASE Newsletter Editor.

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