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An Opportunity for You:
Our Call for Nominations for our Leadership Team

Dear Friend and Supporter of Aviation and Space Education,

I have provided below our call for nominations for enthusiastic champions of aviation and space education to join our leadership team.

Please carefully consider this opportunity and also please forward this notice to others you think would be great additions to NCASE’s leadership as Directors, Officers, Committee Members, or Project Volunteers..

Thank you for your own work inspiring and educating the next generation of aviation and space leaders!,

Rol Murrow, President
National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education
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Cell:    505-362-8232

Leadership Opportunities Available:
Now Is The Time to Join Our NCASE Team

As discussed in our last two newsletters, we at NCASE are looking forward to a bright future – especially as our nation and the world “see the light” at the end of the pandemic tunnel!

And that future has a special place for some of you reading this article.

Among the many proposals our directors considered to make the future happen, the one with the highest priority was to seek the next generation of NCASE leaders to act as champions of all those who love aviation and space education and who work to promote it in our schools, museums, and informal education settings.

NCASE was founded thirty years ago and I have been pleased to help it grow for more than twenty. It started when representatives of a number of aviation organizations and agencies got together and produced a little booklet listing all the various groups having aviation related educational programs, along with what resources they could provide and their contact information. These booklets were circulated to tens of thousands of teachers, students, and aviation enthusiasts.

NCASE also participated in and contributed to the large annual aviation and space education conventions as well, and worked to recruit presenters and exhibitors, and to celebrate extraordinary educators and program managers with the Strickler and Crown Circle Awards.

The little booklet turned into a website, which went through two generations and is on its way to a third. It became the home of the interactive resource matrix developed by Debbie Galloway of NASA for the Centennial of Flight in 2003, and which is now called the NCASE GUIDE.

I announced that I plan to retire soon, and we will also see some turnover on our board of directors. Thus our board Strategic Planning Retreat led to our asking our longtime Secretary Betty Wilson to chair a nominating committee charged with recruiting candidates for NCASE office as well as for participation on our various committees.

This represents a wonderful opportunity for ambitious and talented representatives of the aviation and space educational community to spread their wings and embrace and promote all the great people and their programs inspiring the next generation of aviators, air traffic specialists, maintenance personnel, aviation and space engineers and scientists, administrators, and the many others it takes to keep everything in the air and in space, and to reach for new horizons among the planets and the stars. 

Our industries need a dedicated, enthusiastic, and inspired workforce!

We are looking for candidates who have one or more talents appropriate to our mission, but who most important have tremendous enthusiasm for aviation and space education and who love to see the many great programs and projects prosper and excite teachers, informal educators, and their students.

Useful talents we would like to see in our team members include demonstrated leadership qualities, administrative skills, knowledge about the many diverse people and programs working in aerospace education, educational experience and know-how, communications including modern and upcoming media, and the essential skill of organizing our directors in developing and achieving fundraising goals.

Our objective is to bring together part-time volunteer leaders with vision and commitment who can work together well making it possible for NCASE to expand the programs that have already proven valuable and to develop new ones.

We have long participated in and supported conferences and conventions, but the pandemic interrupted that important activity, and we wish to prepare for an expansion of such outreach activities on behalf of our Member Organizations as well as all the groups we list in the NCASE GUIDE. In addition we have had contracted help with our administrative activities and we wish to bring on more such support in the future.

Are you a leader in your own organization, or have you retired as one? Would you enjoy the opportunity to broaden your horizons and work with other leaders like yourself in championing aviation and space educational programs and the resources they can provide?  Then NCASE is the place for you!

Please send an email expressing your interest to Betty Wilson, our Secretary and Chair of our Nominations Committee. She will send you our Informational Packet including NCASE organizational information and our nomination form.

Send your inquiry by March 2 to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The deadline for returning your information and completed application is March 4, 2022, but sooner is much better!

In advance, thank you for your enthusiasm for NCASE!


Rol Murrow

President, National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education




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